Field Museum – Jackson Potter – Chicago Teachers Union –Saturday 11:15am

Dear CAE members:
Make sure you join us for a Town Hall Meeting at the Field Museum:
The Chicago School Crisis: Where Do We Go from Here 
Featured Speaker: Jackson Potter
Chief of Staff for Chicago Teachers Union
Part of the CAE Installation at the Field Museum: “Engaging the Public in the Anthropology of Education: Chicago as Invocation and Context.” Registration at door. Get there at 8am!


AAA Program app, social media, and know-before-you go


Dear CAE members:

The excitement builds as the AAA meeting gets closer!

We know you are busy with packing, grading, writing, and making your powerpoint look great; yet, the following information may make your meeting experience a bit easier.


* If you haven’t yet, make sure you print or download the handy CAE Program PDF. Share it with your colleagues, students, or others who are new to CAE/AAA.

* Remember there is a CAE event on Saturday, 11/23 at the Field Museum. You can register at “Engaging the Public in the Anthropology of Education.” ($15.00 regular/$30 with lunch)

* AAA has made a available a Personal Schedule and a Meeting Mobile app for Android, iPhone and iPad devices. You should know that the information in these tools will sync; if you have already created your schedule in the AAA website, this data will be available in the mobile app. Learn more about how to use the AAA mobile app here: AAA Annual Meeting Mobile Application: A Brief Survival Guide

* Green Registration: Remember that if you signed up for “Green Registration” back in March (so long ago!) , you will not receive a printed program in Chicago. So make sure sure you review the online program and get the app, so this is not you upon registration.

* Last but not least: Bookmark this CAE website in your browser or iPad! We will be posting updates and relevant information there. It’s much better than searching for CAE messages in your email inbox.


* AAA has put together an Annual Meeting FAQ with relevant info on registration hours, social media, etc.

* An important highlight: There will be Internet at the Hilton!

Is wi-fi available in the Chicago Hilton?
Yes! Thanks to our generous sponsors, Intel, wireless internet will be available in public areas of the Chicago Hilton for attendees use. Bring your laptops or your smart phones to keep connected!


* If you have a Twitter account, make sure you follow the AAA and CAE feeds.

* The official hashtag for the event is #AAA2013. Although some folks use #AAA13 to save 2 characters.

* Please post and follow CAE events using the hashtag #CAE13.

* Bookmark and visit the AAA blog with Annual Meeting posts

* If you Twitter seems overwhelming, or you don’t have an account, you can view related Twitter messages here #AAA13  |   #AAA2013  |  #CAE13


* If you (or people you know) are interested in supporting CAE, and working in social media initiatives, please let us know. Service opportunities available! Please email or talk to CAE webmaster ([email protected]) at the meeting –most of the time, I look like this.

Thanks and safe travels everybody,

CAE Webmaster

*photo by Damon Garrett

CAE 2013 Program Guide and More!

Chicago Skyline @ Night

Dear CAE folks:


We are looking forward to gathering with you in Chicago in just over a week!  We have five days full of fabulous sessions, special events,  and other opportunities to mingle, share your work, get ideas, and create new visions together.


For your convenience, we have prepared a program guide listing all CAE sessions at AAA this year, by day.  See the CAE Program Guide 2013 (PDF) here
Note that the New Members Social on Saturday evening is open to all members. This will take the place of an off-site social. Come meet and greet the newest CAE members, and mingle with your colleagues.
We also want to urge you to attend the special event at the Field Museum on Saturday, Nov. 23.  We encourage you to register ahead of time ($15 secures you a place in the event, breakfast, and access to the Field Museum; for an additional $15 you can get a boxed lunch).  Register here: Engaging the Public in the Anthropology of Education. Registration will also be possible at the door.  Please help us spread the word with Chicago area educators, and encourage them to join us there!


Note: Two CAE sessions will be held at the Hilton on Saturday for those who can’t or prefer not to attend the Field Museum events.


Marjorie Faulstich Orellana, 2013 Program Chair


*Photo by Rhys A, CC-BY-2.0 license

CAE at the Field Museum

On Sat. morning Nov. 23 the apex of the CAE program will occur at Chicago’s Field Museum (not at the regular conference hotel).  Between 8 AM and 2 PM, we will have the CAE new scholars poster session, four regular program panels, a workshop on publishing in AEQ, a book club discussion (of Ian Hodder’s Things), and an information session about the summer field school in Cambodia that our colleague Yuri Wellington coordinates.

Registration is $15 [regular] or $30 for those who want to sign up for a box lunch.

You can register at: with the event title on the website being “Engaging the Public in the Anthropology of Education.”

History of the Event
(posted by Ted Hamann)

I want to remind many of you of the ‘Canterbury Convocation’ and to teach others of you of a nugget of CAE history that you might not be aware of.  I am doing so as part of a turnout effort to encourage you to register for The Study and Practice of Education in Greater Chicago and around the World, a special multi-part CAE event that will be held at Chicago’s Field Museum on Saturday morning Nov. 23. In brief, ‘Canterbury Convocation’ references the special miniature conference that CAE organized in 2004 when a labor dispute at the San Francisco Hilton Towers and related reluctance by AAA members to cross a picket line meant the venue of AAA’s annual meeting was changed at the last minute from San Francisco to Atlanta.  Rather than participate in a last-minute event (on different dates) in Atlanta at a hotel that was not unionized, CAE decided to host its whole program on the original dates at San Francisco’s Canterbury Hotel (which was union friendly).  Those who were there will recall the intimacy and charge of meeting as 500 instead of as a small segment of the 6000+ who attend a regular annual meeting.  While 2004 was a disaster for AAA, it was not one for our section.  Indeed, in my recollection the energy of Canterbury catalyzed our efforts for a number of years following.

I mention all of this because in 2013, CAE is endeavoring to recapture a bit of that Canterbury magic. We have gained access to the Field Museum (less than a mile from the conference site) on Saturday morning Nov. 23 where we will have the CAE new scholars poster session, four regular program panels, a workshop on publishing in AEQ and a book club discussion (of Ian Hodder’s Things).  In other words, we will again have a venue to meet primarily as CAE.  The important exception to that is that we have invited local teachers to attend as well (end earn continuing education credits).  To participate in this installation, requires special registration, however (and $15 dollars to cover morning breakfast costs or $30 to cover breakfast and lunch).  Please put this on your calendar, sign up ( with the event title on the website being “Engaging the Public in the Anthropology of Education”), and get ready to rekindle the magic of Canterbury.