You can receive messages and notifications of events held by the Council on Anthropology and Education by joining our AAA listserv.

This listserv allows the CAE Executive Board to get in touch with all members whenever there is time-sensitive information to share. It also allows members to get in touch with the CAE Executive Board― and with each other―to put together sessions or other CAE-related events for the Annual Meetings.

It is our hope that CAE members will use the listserv to announce CAE-related events of regional or local interest, and to connect with one another and generate discussion on topics of concern in general anthropology.

Joining the listservv

To subscribe to the listserve, modify your listserv options, or to unsubscribe, visit:

Posting messages to the listserv

Once you join the listserv, you can post messages that will reach all the members in the listserv, by sending an e-maill to:   [email protected]

Recommendations when posting on the listserv:

If you are posting a message asking readers to contact you or to reply to a specific e-mail address (for example, to plan a session together, or to inquire more about an event), please make sure you include your e-mail address in that message, so readers know what e-mail address they should reply to.

Recommendations when replying to messages posted to the listserv:

If you would like to reply to the message sender instead of replying to the whole listserv, please make sure you do not hit “reply all;” if you include the listserv e-mail ([email protected]) as a recipient of your message, all the members of the listserv will receive the message that was intended to reach only one person. Please help us keep the listserv as a useful and efficient way to communicate.