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Submitting to the Council of Anthropology and Education for the 2016 AAA Meetings


Greetings! I am reaching out on behalf of the Executive Committee to invite you to submit proposals for this year’s 115th AAA conference to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota from November 16-20th 2016. Below you will find information regarding the conference theme, instructions on how to submit papers, panels, posters, and alternative possibilities for submission such as roundtables, public policy forums, and installations.  The theme of the conference for this year’s annual meeting is “Evidence, Accident, Discovery” (see below).  You may like to use the theme as an organizing principle if appropriate, however, proposals do not need to address the theme directly if it is not pertinent to the proposal submitted. Proposals to CAE are due April 15.


In case you missed these emails to the AAA list, note that AAA (not CAE) organizes a small number of Executive Committee Sessions each year. AAA has sent emails about that process. The deadline for proposing an executive session is noon February 17. Those proposals go directly to AAA.

CONFERENCE THEME: Evidence, Accident, Discovery
The 115th Annual Meeting theme, “Evidence, Accident, Discovery,” raises issues central to debates within both anthropology and politics in a neoliberal, climate-changing, social media-networked era: What counts as evidence? What does evidence count for? What are the underlying causes and foreseeability of violence and catastrophes? How is misfortune interpreted, and causality, attributed in cases of humanly-preventable harm? And in the give and take of relationships on which anthropological evidence typically depends, Who gets to claim that they discovered something? We welcome proposals that debate these and other questions stimulated by the conference theme, in the opportunity that our annual meeting provides for “big tent” debate.


April 15th has become the annual deadline for all submissions, paper, panel, poster, retrospectives, reviews, roundtables, and installations. First, you must register for the conference (and typically renew membership) at the time of submitting your proposal, even though this does not guarantee that you will get on the program. (You WILL get a refund in the event that you are not accepted to the program.) Please note, however, that one does not need to be a member of CAE in order to submit to our section. Indeed, we hope that you will get colleagues involved who ordinarily might not participate in theCAE program. This goes for AAA members with primary affiliations to other sections, as well as non-AAA members, whom you can assist by applying for a membership waiver so they can participate without purchasing AAA membership (though they will still have to pay the non-member conference registration fee). You can find rules for participation at the following link:

Submissions for the April 15 deadline can take multiple forms. You can submit an individual paper, or as a member of a paper session, which is a cluster of papers organized around a particular theme, or as a part of some other collective format. Look on the AAA website to see all the possible formats for sessions and papers:


We highly recommend that you explore the CAE standing committee structure and connect with like-minded folks who are putting together panels or other events (There are currently 15 thematic committees). That said we also want to make it clear that committee involvement is not a prerequisite to proposing a session; it is simply a way of trying to bring people together with common interests. And if you don’t manage to connect with a group compiling a panel, you can still submit an individually volunteered paper, and have it considered for inclusion in the program. If you submit an individual paper to CAE, the program committee will attempt to group papers into panels that cohere around a particular methodological, theoretical, geographical, or conceptual theme.

There are no longer early submission dates for invited sessions. Instead, everyone will submit by April 15th. CAE is typically allowed 2-3 invited sessions, depending on whether we are able to arrange co-sponsorships with other sections. Submissions will be reviewed and ranked following the April 15deadline. The review rankings of the submissions will guide the CAE Executive Board to make a decision about which sessions will receive an invited Status. Invited sessions are supposed to be “innovative, synthesizing sessions intended to reflect the state-of-the-art and the thematic concerns in the major subfields.” A volunteered session is a general category. A session that receives an invited status will be provided with a heightened profile on the conference program. Even though you must submit your session to one section only, please also indicate which section might be inclined to co-sponsor. Please follow the same submission format as all AAA submissions.

Thea Renda Abu El-Haj
CAE President Elect and 2016 Program Chair