From the Vice President and Program Chair

Angelina Castagno President Elect and Program Chair
President Elect & Program Chair Angelina Castagno
Northern Arizona University

Current information about the CAE Annual Meeting from our President Elect and Program Chair, Angelina E. Castagno

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Dear CAE Community,

The Annual Meeting is this week, and I’m really looking forward to seeing many of you in person!

I’m attaching a document that lists the CAE Special Events and the 4 Invited Sessions that we co-sponsored with other sessions. These events and all sessions are open to everyone; please attend and support your colleagues! This is the CAE 2022 Panel Program.

If you are registered for the Annual Meeting, you should have received a link from AAA to log into “Pathable,” which is the online program agenda. Click on the link sent to you via email.

To final all CAE sessions in Pathable, go to the search box in the upper right corner, click “track,” and then select “Council on Anthropology and Education.”

NOTE: PATHABLE SHOWS TIMES IN YOUR LOCAL TIME (so if you are looking at the schedule from home and you are not on Pacific time, the times will NOT be Seattle local times).

If you cannot get into Pathable, please contact AAA directly as I am not able to assist with this.


Monday, April 4, 2022

Hello CAE Colleagues,

Attached is an Excel spreadsheet listing the various presentations by CAE members at AERA this year (organized first by date, then by time). The attachment also includes the date and time of the annual CAE@AERA Breakfast Social (Sunday morning). If you are attending AERA this month, please consider popping in during the breakfast social, and please also try to attend some of the presentations listed here!

Many thanks to those who submitted their presentation info.


Friday, March 25, 2022

CAE Colleagues! I’m writing with three important deadlines coming up:

  1. The deadline to BEGIN submissions for the AAA Annual Meeting is next week (March 30)! Please visit the Annual Meeting website here for full information. You might also want to reference an email I sent to this listserve on March 1, which provides much more detailed info about the various options and other key details.
  2. The deadline to COMPLETE your submissions for the AAA Annual Meeting is April 6.
  3. If you are presenting (virtually or in person) at AERA this year, please share your info with us (if you haven’t already)! It only takes about 5 minutes to add it to this google form, and we will share this with CAE membership so we can support one another’s work. The deadline for completing this google form is Monday, April 4.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The online submission portal for the 2022 AAA Annual Meeting opened earlier this month, so I want to share some information as you consider participating in this annual gathering. Please visit the Annual Meeting website here for full information. A few key highlights about the process include:

  • The conference will be hybrid, with in person convenings in Seattle, WA.
  • The conference is November 9-13, 2022.
  • Submissions must be started online by March 30.
  • Submissions must be completed online by April 6.
  • You do NOT need to be a AAA member to submit. You do NOT need to register for the conference to submit.
  • Notices of acceptance/denial will be sent in July.
  • If your submission is accepted, you WILL need to be a AAA member AND register for the conference.
  • There are no “double sessions,” but you can submit a “part 1” and a separate “part 2.”
  • AAA waives the fees for enrolled members of federally recognized tribes. Please see more info here.
  • AAA has various types of memberships with differentiated fees. This includes trial memberships and highly reduced rates for K12 educators. More info can be found here.

There are multiple types of submissions for the 2022 Annual Meeting. These are explained in detail here. Below is a brief list of the options, but you should consult the full information online.

Options for individuals:

  • Live single paper presentation (15 minutes – traditional conference presentation in Seattle)
  • Live flash presentation (5 minutes – quick highlights of a project/idea in Seattle)
  • Live poster (traditional poster in a session with other posters in Seattle)
  • Virtual poster (single slide with pre-recorded voice summary up to 10 minutes)
  • Pre-recorded presentation (20-minute pre-recorded presentation)

Options for groups:

  • Live session (105 minutes divided among multiple presenters in Seattle)
  • Virtual live session (105 minutes divided among multiple presenters not in Seattle)
  • Live conversation/debate (105 minutes of dialogue/debate among a group in Seattle)
  • Virtual live session (105 minutes of dialogue/debate among a group not in Seattle)
  • Live roundtable (105 minutes of panel-type discussion in Seattle)
  • Virtual roundtable (105 minutes of panel-type discussion not in Seattle)
  • Live interview (105 minutes where one person interviews another, with Q&A time in Seattle)
  • Virtual interview (105 minutes where one person interviews another, with Q&A time not in Seattle)
  • Podcast (40-minute pre-recorded audio only discussion)

And finally, as a reminder, please let us know if you are planning to present (virtually or in person) at AERA. We’re collecting that data here to share with CAE membership:

Angelina E. Castagno, Ph.D.