Shirley Brice Heath Travel Award

To support participation in its activities and annual meetings, the Council on Anthropology of Education (CAE) awards stipends to New Scholars (graduate students or recent graduates) who are selected to present a CAE-sponsored paper or poster. The stipends are intended to help defray expenses associated with participating in the annual meetings. The awarded stipends total $250 each. Individuals are eligible to receive the stipend only one time, and first-time presenters will receive priority. Presenters who are choosing to attend the annual meeting in-person or virtually are eligible to apply for this award in 2021. Preference is given to individuals from underrepresented US groups who meet the criteria below. Applicants are invited to name their membership in any group(s) they belong to that they believe warrants consideration as underrepresented in the field of educational anthropology.

The winning awardees will be notified prior to the AAA meetings, and the awards will be formally announced in conjunction with the AAA meeting. The monetary award will be dispersed via electronic check. We welcome submissions from applicants of all citizenship statuses who are practicing anthropologists, regardless of where you are located on the globe.

*   Priority given to members of CAE
*   New Scholar (graduate student or recent graduate)
*   First author on a paper or poster selected for presentation in a CAE-sponsored session (virtual or in-person
*   Priority given to new scholars from an underrepresented group 
*   Priority given to first-time presenters
*   Priority given to members of AAA

Selection Criteria:
1.  Eligibility (see above)
2.  Financial need as described in application
3.  Abstract of paper or poster demonstrates high quality/rigor, clarity, and contributes to CAE’s mission of advancing positive social/educational change (i.e., work that promotes anti-oppressive, socially equitable, and racially just solutions to educational problems)

Only complete applications are eligible for consideration.

October 15, 2021 (via email)

Submission Procedure:
You can download the application here:

Please submit your completed Shirley Brice Heath New CAE Scholar Travel Stipend application via email at: 

Please direct any questions to Ariana Mangual Figueroa, Ph.D. at 
Associate Professor, CUNY Graduate Center, Ph.D. Programs in Urban Education and LAILAC
Council on Anthropology of Education  Second-Year Member-at Large
Chair, Shirley Brice Heath New CAE Scholar Travel Stipend