Policy Initiatives

Positioning CAE for greater policy advocacy and impact has been a priority in our organization for some time. In 2006, CAE President Perry Gilmore constituted the Task Force on Advancing Anthropology and Education Perspectives in Public Policy. At the same time, President Gilmore constituted an Ad Hoc Committee on Education Policy to identify and trace scholarly efforts in anthropology and education policy, suggest strategies to insert anthropological perspectives in contemporary educational policy debates, and recommend ways to strenghten CAE’s engagement in the pressing education policy debates of our times.

These initiatives were continued under the leadership of CAE President Norma González (2007-08), and they have been expanded with two new CAE policy initiatives begun in 2008-09: the Collaborative Analysis Network (CAE CAN), a consortium of CAE scholars and practitioners working simultaneously to address crucial national and international policy issues in multiple sites using ethnographic methods; and the Policy Engagement Working Group, a consortium of CAE scholars and policy activists who will build on the work by the ad hoc policy committees and CAE CAN to disseminate CAE policy expertise. The kick-off for both initiatives will take place at two consecutive sessions at the 2009 AAA Annual Meeting:

  • CAE CAN! Envisioning a Collaborative Analysis Network – Thursday, 12/3/09, 10:15 am-12 noon, Philadelphia Marriott Room 409, 4th Floor.
  • Open Forum: Council on Anthropology and Education Policy Engagement Working Group – Thursday, 12/3/09, 12:15-1:30 pm, Philadelphia Marriott Room 406, 4th Floor

We invite you to check out the 2007 Task Force and Ad hoc Policy reports, and to join us in Philadelphia to help launch these two exciting policy initiatives.

– Teresa L. McCarty, CAE President, 2008-09


Find below the 2007 Task Force and Ad Hoc Policy reports, available in pdf format:

Policy Briefs

Find below Policy Briefs developed by CAE on various issues related to educational policy: