Interest Groups

CAE includes a number of Interest Groups that members can engage. These groups provide opportunities for CAE members to serve in leadership roles by Chairing/Co-Chairing a group, and they serve multiple functions within CAE, including:

  1. connecting and sustaining connections with folks doing similarly-focused work
  2. serving as one structure for facilitating the development of conference proposals for the AAA Annual Meeting
  3. serving as one structure to disseminate opportunities for scholarship, community engagement, etc. amongst CAE membership
  4. recruiting additional members to CAE

Check out the various Interest Groups below, and reach out to the Chair(s) to get connected! There is no membership fee or other requirement to join an Interest Group, and CAE members often join more than one.

#1 Ethnography of Schools and Communities

Co-Chair: Josefine Wagner (

Co-Chair: Kathryn Wright (

#2 Multilingualism, (Multi)Literacies and Language in Schools and Communities

Co-Chair: Luz Murillo Benjumea (

Co-Chair: Rosa Medina Riveros (

#3 Anthropology of Post-Secondary Education

Chair: Corinne Kentor (

#4 Culture Learning and Transmission

Chair: Diana Hoffman (

#5 African Americans, African Diaspora and Education

Co-Chairs: Angela Crumdy and Molly Hamm-Rodriguez (

#6 Latin@s/x and Education

Co-Chair: Cindy Cruz (

Co-Chair Anna Rios-Rojas (

#7 Indigenous Education

Chair: Vanessa Anthony-Stevens (

#8 Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Asian Americans in Education

Chair: Maria Chavan (

#9 Gender and Sexuality in Schools and Society

Co-Chair: Grace Markes (

Co-Chair: Rhonda Cochran (

Co-Chair: Crystal Carter (

#10 International Issues, (Im)migration, Transnationalism and Citizenship in Educational Contexts

Co-Chair: Alexandra Allweis (

Co-Chair: Jennifer Riggan (

#11 Disability Studies in Education

Co-Chair: Sylvia Mac (

Co-Chair: MinSoo Kim-Bossard (

#12 Privatization, Markets, and (Post-)Neoliberalism in Educational Contexts

Co-Chair: Don Murray (

Co-Chair: Tyler Hook (

#13 Anthropology of Environmental and Science Education

Co-Chair: Shonara Awad (

Co-Chair: Sarah McDowell (

#14 Ethnography of Educational Policies and Systems

Co-Chair: Thierry Saintine (

Co-Chair: Reid Harris (

#15 Adult Teaching and Learning Communities, Workplaces and Schools

Co-Chair: Yi-Ju Lai (

Co-Chair: Cheryl Crawley (