In 2014, the CAE Board approved the creation of four new funds to supplement the existing endowment that provides prize money for the annual George and Louise Spindler Career Achievement Award. The Board also approved the transfer of $5,000 from its operational budget into each of the 4 new funds, for a total of $20,000.  Because the new funds were seeded in this fashion, legally they must be called “quasi-endowments.” Our fundraising goal is to raise the balance from $5,000 to at least $12,500 in each of these quasi-endowment funds; such a balance would enable a minimum payment of $500 on an annual basis. The Board hopes for a much higher balance for the SB Heath and Concha Delgado-Gaitan Funds to be able to award multiple recipients each year.

We appreciate your support in endowing these funds through donations on the AAA website.

Concha Delgado Gaitán CAE Presidential Fellows Award


Concha Delgado Gaitan has been an influential mentor for many educational anthropologists. The award provides one year of mentoring to promising new scholars of educational anthropology (within 3 years after receiving the doctorate) by senior or experienced CAE scholars. Each presidential fellow is matched with a mentor for the year, beginning at the annual meeting and following through during the year. The fellows network throughout the year through social media. At the end of the term of the award, fellows and mentors meet as a group during the annual meeting to discuss career goals, research interests, and to form a professional learning community for their future careers.

Shirley Brice Heath Travel Award


We are honored to name this many years-old stipend after our esteemed colleague Shirley Brice Heath. For many years, CAE has funded 5-7 new scholars to present at their first AAA/CAE meeting. The purpose of this endowment is to make it more financially feasible for students or other new scholars to experience the AAA/CAE meeting and broaden membership, visibility, and sustainability of CAE by including a new generation of anthropologists of education.

Douglas Foley Early Career Award


Douglas Foley edited with great distinction the Council’s flagship scholarly journal, Anthropology & Education Quarterly and served as a willing mentor to so many of his younger colleagues. This award acknowledges the contributions of a CAE scholar, practitioner, or organizer in the early stage of their career (4-10 years after doctoral degree).

Frederick Erickson Outstanding Dissertation Award


This award has been given annually for many years from CAE’s general fund. By attaching the name of one of our respected elders, Frederick Erickson, we intend to raise the visibility and sustainability of the award.