From the President

Hello CAE Community! My name is Angelina Castagno, and it’s an honor to serve as your President during 2023-2024. I began my term at the close of the November 2023 Annual Meeting, and I’ll transition out of the role at the close of the Annual Meeting in November 2024. During this year-long term, I hope to build on the good work of past Presidents in cultivating relationships within and across our members, advocating for issues that are relevant to our members, and strengthening our organizational structures and processes for accessibility and sustainability.

Many of us are navigating ongoing threats to the justice work we engage, both professionally and personally. Many of us are also navigating shifting public health contexts and comfort levels with in-person meetings. My hope is that CAE is one of many spaces for you to cultivate relationships, sustain wellbeing, and learn in community.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time! I can best be reached at