Standing Committees

#1 Ethnography of Schools and Communities

Chair: Josefine Wagner (

#2 Multilingualism, (Multi)Literacies and Language in Schools and Communities

Co-Chair: Luz Murillo Benjumea (

Co-Chair: Rosa Medina Riveros (

#3 Anthropology of Post-Secondary Education

Chair: Jen Stacy (

#4 Culture Learning and Transmission

Chair: Diana Hoffman (

#5 African Americans, African Diaspora and Education

Co-Chairs: Angela Crumdy and Molly Hamm-Rodriguez (

#6 Latin@s/x and Education

Co-Chair: Cindy Cruz (

Co-Chair Anna Rios-Rojas (

#7 Indigenous Education

Chair: Vanessa Anthony-Stevens (

#8 Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Asian Americans in Education

Chair: Maria Chavan (

#9 Gender and Sexuality in Schools and Society

Co-Chair: Grace Markes (

Co-Chair: Rhonda Cochran (

Co-Chair: Crystal Carter (

#10 International Issues, (Im)migration, Transnationalism and Citizenship in Educational Contexts

Co-Chair: Denise Blum (

Co-Chair: Jennifer Riggan (

#11 Disability Studies in Education

Co-Chair: Sylvia Mac (

Co-Chair: MinSoo Kim-Bossard (

#12 Privatization, Markets, and (Post-)Neoliberalism in Educational Contexts

Chair: Don Murray (

#13 Anthropology of Environmental and Science Education

Co-Chair: Shonara Awad (

Co-Chair: Sarah McDowell (

#14 Ethnography of Educational Policies and Systems

Co-Chair: Thierry Saintine (

Co-Chair: Reid Harris (

#15 Adult Teaching and Learning Communities, Workplaces and Schools

Co-Chair: Yi-Ju Lai (

Co-Chair: Cheryl Crawley (